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  • Any Business Card Design can be turned into a Plastic Business Card!

    When browsing our business card designs, make a note of, or copy and paste, the Card Style # you want to order into the "Use Card Style #" field on the Order Form. We will use the Card Style # you selected for your plastic cards. NOTE: We can also custom design a card for you. Contact us for details.

    Is Printing on the Back Available?

    No. Printing on the back of the Frosted and Clear Plastic Cards is not available.

    Can I add my Company Logo?

    Yes. There is a one-time $35 Fee for adding your logo to your business card. After we add your company logo to our system we can use it on any of our card designs.

    There may be additional fees associated with adding your logo if your logo needs to be rebuilt, or altered to work with a card design you have chosen. Our Art Department will contact you to review your options.


      Vector Based Artwork is Preferred
    • Acceptable Formats: EPS, AI, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG
    • Acceptable Resolution: 325 dpi

    Please Note: The better the artwork, the better the reproduction. If you provide a low quality, low resolution jpg or gif, the printed product may appear blurry with jagged edges.

    Can I add my Photo?

    Yes. It is also possible to add a photo to any card style but photo size and placement will be affected by other art elements on the card.

    There is a one-time $35 Fee for adding a photo to your business card. If you have questions about your photo email us at


    • Scroll down in order form to locate "Upload Artwork"
    • Click "Choose File" and navigate to your photo or artwork
    • Once you add your order to shopping cart the photo/artwork will be associated with your order

    Can Plastic Cards be Rushed?

    No. Plastic Cards can not be rushed. Plastic Cards take 5-7 Business Days to produce before they are shipped. Shipping time is additional.

    What Is Turnaround Time for Plastic Cards?

    Plastic Cards take 5-7 Business Days to produce before they are shipped. Shipping time is additional.

    What Kind of Stock Are These Printed On?

    These cards are printed on premium quality 20pt plastic card stock.

    Do Plastic Cards Have Rounded Corners ?

    Yes, you have two corner radius options to choose from. 

    • 1/4" has a Large Radius
    • 1/8" has a Small Radius
    • All 4 Corners will be rounded